COMIC REVIEW: Crimson Monkey Comics #1

It's Phucking Great!

crimson-monkey,Lil'-Rob-E,Cosmic-Might,crimson-monkey,Lil'-Rob-E,Cosmic-Might,phaltA cute little robot goes on an interplanetary search to find the perfect sandwich. A superhero faces an existential crisis as his power is called into question by a snarky teen while another learns to use the tools of social media to fight his battles. These are just of few of the storylines in Crimson Monkey’s new anthology comic being released this week, and yes, it is as hilarious and endearing as it sounds.

Clever and original, Crimson Monkey leans toward the satirical in comics such as The Tweeter Tweets Trouble! and Cosmic Might!, which I feel are the strongest in the issue. I mean come on, a superhero having to combat disparaging tweets and getting called out for his incorrect use of “your”? Hysterical.

Each issue is infused with wit and humor courtesy of David McDonald. And while the artwork is a little amateurish, each comic has it’s own unique style with a different artist for every story giving each one it’s own personality.

Ranging from the sweet simplicity of Lil’ Rob-E, to the over the top superheroic display of The Gleaming Glider, there is something for everyone in this comic and it is definitely worth checking out for a few good laughs.

Crimson Monkey Comics #1 will be on sale in Orlando at Megacon 2015 and keep on the lookout for the opportunity to purchase online!

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