Nick Fury Jr: The Disney Mandated Director of SHIELD

Insanity of DaveOMac #61

This Nick Fury shit makes my head hurt.

Let's try to start from the beginning here and let me explain it to you like you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Back in the 1960's Marvel had some WW2 books that starred Sgt. Fury and his howling commandos.  Fury was a popular character and after the war was Marvel's spy character who was the head of SHIELD and essentially their version of a James Bond. Battling for Nazi, Commies, hot damsels and cool gadgets. Great character with ties to the second world war and the cold war.

Well since comics don't progress in real time and Fury will always have ties to WW2, he was given the infinity formula, which essentially made him immortal. sure he looks like an old warhorse but he's about 100 years old now and still kicking. Fury was always popular and while not so much a spy, he's been portrayed as the big government top cop for the last 40 some years.

Confused yet? You may be thinking that you are pretty sure Sam Jackson is not an old white dude who fought in World War 2. You swear you've seen Fury in comics and he looks like a bald black man who resemble Jackson.

Well when marvel launched its "Ultimate" line, which is basically what if the Marvel Universe started in the 2000s and not the 60s. When producing the Ultimates comic, their version of the Avengers. They were essentially treating it like if it was an Avenger movie. So when designing Fury they decided to shake things up and draw him looking like Samuel Jackson. He can't say no to a role that was designed for him right?

Fast forward to the debut of Iron Man on the big screen and if you stayed after the credits, there was Sam Jackson, portraying Nick fury and recruiting Tony Stark for the Avengers Initiative. Wow! It worked, they got Sam Jackson and the fans loved it.

As you know Nick fury has been in almost every Marvel film since then and has proven very popular. So when Fury shows up in the cartoons now, he's some form of the Sam Jackson version. Whether if it's the classic Fury, just black or an exact version of his movie counterpart.

So that's the back story now let's see how the success of the movies caused us to get Nick's bastard son, who oddly enough now looks like Sam Jackson.

After Marvel's 2012 event, a mini series titled "Battle Scars" was announced. We were told it was important and that Marcus Johnson would be the new character to keep an eye on. It was nice to see Marvel get behind a new original character that was a minority. Marvel has a ton of great black characters but since Marvel started in the 60s most of the "big names" are white. So it's nice to see a new character supported by the company and pushed to the masses.

Sadly sales don't reflect that. In fact they were pretty horrible. Either way Marvel continued to stress the importance of this series.

Rumors his that the star was going to be revealed to be Nick Fury's bastard son and that it was just a way to get a "black Nick Fury" in the marvel universe to match the movie version. That can't be, I mean we still have the Ultimate version and the original fury is a popular character.

Well as the series went on it was confirmed that Marcus was Fury's son, hell he even lost the same eye as his father, so the eye patch will match. The writer of the book recently even confirmed the idea came from the mandate form up to to make the "Marvel Universe" version of fury match the movies and cartoons. Ah corporate synergy always trumps creativity.

Now while a pretty crappy reason to have a character it didn't bother me at first. It makes sense from a marketing point of view.

Then I saw pages from the final issues.  It made me sick.

The series began with Marcus Johnson looking like a strong handsome black man, clean shaven with a crew cut but a full head of hair. Apparently by the end of the series he shaved his head, grew a goatee, and don't forget he  lost the same eye his bastard father did. So yeah he looks JUST like Sam Jackson and the Ultimate version. REALLY?

The most insulting thing came when Maria Hill calls him Nick Fury. When an agent questions this she says, "Well his name on his birth certificate is Nick Fury Jr." What grown man suddenly goes by a different name because others call him that? Most people who grow up without a father have issues with the man and would never take their last name, let alone their full name.

I know Marvel's goal is to have us convinced that, the white Fury was in the past and that Marcus Johnson was never called that, but was always referred to as "Nick Fury". I understand the creative team was given a goal but they did it in such a roundabout way that it just makes no sense.

Oh and they gave him Steve Rogers old uniform? Cause I'm sure a strong black man who was just given his father's "white" name would want to wear a white man's old uniform. I can't be the only one who sees this as racist.

I know comics are crazy and unrealistic, but honestly this just hurts my head. I would say I'll ignore this and avoid the character but Marvel has a way to push certain characters down our thoughts and I expect Nicky Junior to be all over the place by the end of the year.


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