REVIEW: Vintage Collection Commander Cody

Our favorite Clone in vintage style!

When I found out they were re-releasing Commander Cody in the vintage Revenge of the Sith line, I was ecstatic. You see, I didn't pick him up the first time around so I wanted make sure I didn't miss out on him in this run. After much searching, I've found him. From what I've seen, the RotS Vintage Collection, is a bit harder to find than Empire, so I was lucky to find Cody when I did. I've only seen him once at retail and haven't seen another one since. But I digress. Let's get on with the review.

As you can see, this figure has some nice paint apps, great detail and few, yet necessary, accessories. I've heard some say that this version of the figure is more screen accurate than the first, what with his silver antenna and not-upside-down belt. ... You know, I would have never noticed these apparent blatant inaccuracies, unless they were pointed out to me. Personally, I don't think it's that big a deal, but as I've said, I don't own the first version of Cody, so I'm not apt to make discriminating comparisons. I have done an image search for the original Cody so we can see just how different these two are. ...

... Nope. Still can't see the difference.


Head - Ball Joint
Shoulders - Ball Hinge
Elbows - Ball Hinge
Wrist - Swivel
Waist - Ball Joint
Hips - Ball Hinge
Knees - Ball Hinge
Ankles - Ball Hinge

This guy has articulation up the ball-joint. For a Star Wars figure, this guy can move. In my own opinion, I think this is how all star war figure should be articulated. No more and no less is needed to pull off some decent posing.


- Removable Helmet
- Removable Back Pack
- Rifle
- Obi-Wan's Light Saber Hilt
- Holo-Communicator (w/ Tiny Holo-Palpatine)

He doesn't come with a lot of stuff, but what else do you need? Everything he comes with is pivotal to his character and is directly connected to that infamous scene we're all familiar with. The little holo-Palpatine is connected to it's holo-communicator by a little peg (on the communicator) and can be removed. His head seems a bit too small, and can stand to be slightly bigger. His pack does tend to come off to easily and will fall off with merely a nudge. Whether or not that's an issue specific to mine, I don't know, but it's not a problem that can't be fixed with a bit of super glue (if you so chose).

Since Cody, is himself a Clone, it would be kind of stupid to pair him with another Clone or Trooper for a size comparison, per my usual practice. Instead I've decided to size him next to another Star Wars Figure. Here is Obi-Wan to lend his assistance.

Oh um ... awkward.

Final Score


He has great articulation for a Star Wars figures, and can pull off some awesome poses. His detail and paint is great. His accessories are necessary. Other than the problem with the pack, I can find very little wrong with this figure. The issue with his head is a nitpick. It could stand to be a tiny bit bigger, in order to better fit his helmet, but as it is, it doesn't hurt the figure over all. The fact that he seems to be very hard to find (for me anyway) is kind of bothersome. If you're lucky enough to come across this guy in retail, pick him up. He's a must have for any Star Wars Collection.

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